Key Homeopathic Remedies for Burns

This list should be in everybody’s medicine cabinet. Dr Chandak gives the key remedies homeopaths use for burns. Two of the remedies he recommends are:

Cantharis  – If used early it will prevent the formation of blisters. This is the most used remedy for scalds, burn and sunburns with blisters and superficial ulceration. Small blisters coalesce to form large blisters. Burns and scalds with rawness and burning better for cold applications. Burns followed by excessive inflammation. Burns that lead to tetanic or epileptic convulsions followed by coma. Extensive burns that result in renal complications. Patient is worsened by touch, approach and better for rest. Use internally as a remedy and externally as a lotion.


Urtica urens  – For simple burns involving the skin. Superficial burns. Burns with Intense burning and itching. Useful for chemical burns or burns from poisonous plants. Use internally as  a remedy or externally as a lotion.

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