Homeopathy Made Simple (Part 1) – First Steps to First Aid

Homeopathy is fun to use and easy to learn. With just a handful of remedies even a beginner can make a big difference to everyday health problems. The homeopathic remedies (medicines) are relatively inexpensive, long-lasting, and safe for all ages. They are also easy to obtain. Many of the common …

Realistic rendering of bacteria - in red colors

Let’s Look at Homeopathic Immunisation (Homeoprophylaxis)

We are struggling to manage two problems at once but not being very clever about it. The first is that people, including children, still die from infectious diseases such as malaria, whooping cough, and other epidemic diseases. The second is that, from the homeopathic standpoint, vaccines have several drawbacks. They …


The real deal on homeopathy

How much do you really know about homeopathy? Test yourself with the following article by No Bullying: -What is Homeopathy? -The History of Homeopathy -The Homeopathic Principle -A Modern Resurgence -Homeopathy vs Conventional Medicine -Classical Homeopathy -Combination Remedies -Is this Type of Medicine Safe? -Homeopathy and You -What are the …


Hypertension – Fundamentals and homeopathic remedies

Drs Giri and Goenka explain the different causes, types, and management of high blood pressure. They also take a quick look at some homeopathic remedies traditionally used for this particular problem. More Information: Hypertension: Fundamental and management


How I became a homoeopath

William Henry Holcolmbe (1825-1893) was a homeopathic physician who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in medicine in 1847 and went on to practice homeopathy. After growing up in awe of his father, a doctor, he said toward the end of his life, “I have lived to question and scout …


A day in a homeopath’s clinic

People often wonder what sort of things homeopaths treat in their clinics. To answer this question we asked one of our homeopaths to keep notes on a typical clinic day. Click on the link to see what it was like. More Information: A Day in a Homeopath’s Clinic


Vertigo case report: Homeopathy “changed my life!”

Beth Knudtsen and hpathy share a case in which homeopathy made a significant difference to a middle-aged man’s vertigo, urinary urgency, post nasal drip and dislike of social interaction. Ever wondered what homeopathic treatment looks like for symptoms such as these? Read Beth’s story to find out. It is a …


Homeopathy for toothsome issues

Donna Powers suggests four key remedies to help with dental concerns – two for anxiety before a dental appointment, and two to help with pain and healing afterwards. Many more could be added to this list, but these remedies should be in everyone’s home medicine kit. More Information: A Toothsome …


Homeopathy for Autism: CEASE Therapy

For many years our Clinic has treated large numbers of children with homeopathy for autism – and there is no sign of that abating. In recent years, some parents have asked what we think about a relatively new treatment protocol – CEASE Therapy. To answer that question we’ve provided a …


Homeopathy for radiotherapy and chemotherapy side-effects

Cancer – it’s a word we dread. Nobody wants to receive a cancer diagnosis, but a significant number of us, or our loved ones, will be affected by it at some time in our lives. The common conventional approaches of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can be lengthy and difficult. When …


Homeopathic Arnica repairs sun damage

Recent research shows that Arnica 30C repairs genetic damage from ultra-violet radiation (a part of sunlight)… in bacteria. Keep in mind this study was done on microbes rather than people. More importantly, it failed to take homeopathic principles into account, in which overdosing with homeopathy produces the very symptoms it …