Brain Injury – Homeopathy Can Help

A 2009 study showed homeopathy stimulated significant improvement in people with traumatic brain injury even when that injury was of many years duration. Read more | Comment


Homeopathy for fibromyalgia

People are often amazed by the range of symptoms homeopathy can treat – even for conditions as serious as fibromyalgia! Steve Scrutton takes a look at this debilitating condition.Read more | Comment


Find a Remedy – Searchable Database

The National Centre for Homeopathy has an easy-to-use searchable database for many acute problems, and lists the most common remedies used for them. Read more | Comment


Kiki the cat and homeopathy

H. Jonathan Wright, a homeopathic vet, tells the story of one cat’s amazing recovery with homeopathy. Read more | Comment


Homeopathy helps overcome fear of flying

Does the idea of take-off leave you in a cold sweat? Homeopathy has many remedies to help overcome a fear of flying. Eileen Scullion lists some of the most common ones. Read more |Comment


Fundamental mechanics of homeopathy

Bonny Casel looks at the Montagnier study, which shows electromagnetic frequencies can be imprinted on water – even after multiple dilutions and succussions. Read more | Comment


The Vital Force in existent medical paradigm

Uta Mittelstadt explores the Vital Force (the energy that sustains life), and how it’s fallen out of favour in conventional medicine, yet is so important in homeopathy. Read more | Comment


Healing your right ovary pain with homeopathy

When it comes to homeopathy, the more specific your symptoms, the easier it is to match them to a remedy. Madeleine Innocent gives a great example of this with right ovary pain. Read more | Comment


Study: Homeopathy a safer treatment for coughs

A recent study has found homeopathy “significantly” reduced children’s coughs. Combining the homeopathy with antibiotics had no additional benefit, but resulted in an increase in adverse responses. Read more | Comment

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