Homeopathy for hangover and over-indulgence

David had a splitting head, Dimitri gasped for air, Andy raided the ‘fridge at night, and Monica felt alone and unloved. Read which remedies helped the four of them. Read more | Comment


Study: Lung cancer cells commit suicide with homeopathy

Homeopathic Sulphur induced apoptosis in non-small cell lung carcinoma in this study providing further evidence that homeopathy modifies cellular processes. Read more | Comment Related Posts Lives saved by Homeopathy in Epidemics and Pandemics In the event of a man-made pandemic … remember homeopathy! Lower back pain – Homeopathic remedy …


In defense of homeopathy

“Homeopathy is here to stay… homeopathy has withstood the test of time.” Here! Here! Read how well three skeptic objections stack up when compared to the facts. Read more | Comment Related Posts Homeopathy is thriving in the US Homeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA) Alcoholism and Homeopathy Homeopathy for …


Remedies for hypo or hypertension

Blood pressure problems are part of a much bigger imbalance that should be managed by a qualified practitioner for best results. The following list shows how each remedy has to match the sufferer’s symptoms to be helpful. Read more |Comment Related Posts Mastitis: Why homeopathy? 20th Century Performers and Entertainers …


Morning Sickness? Homeopathy helps

Do you have nausea on waking, when cooking food, or in warm, stuffy rooms? Or is it better when eating or in the fresh air? Whatever your symptoms, homeopathy can help with gentle and non-toxic remedies. Read more | Comment Related Posts Homeopathy for malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases Homeopathy …


Study: More milk for less moo

Cows had less mastitis and fewer antibiotics and chemical treatments were needed when homeopathy was used on Spanish organic farms.Read more | Comment Related Posts Have we misunderstood the placebo effect and homeopathy? Rabbit homeopathy German football teams love their homeopathy Government Interest in Homeopathy for Farm Animals


Eating disorders: Homeopathy for pica

Do you crave and eat strange things – dirt, hair, chalk, ice, wood? Many do, and not just when pregnant. Homeopathy offers help with several useful remedies. Read more | Comment Related Posts Egyptian Study: Homeopathy for Childhood Asthma Homeopathy for Autism: CEASE Therapy Ask the Homeopathy Vet Study: Terminal …


Addictive personalities and homeopathy

Compulsive behaviours and addictions ruin lives but homeopathy has numerous remedies to help with the detoxification process and underlying emotional issues. Read more | Comment Related Posts Avian flu – RAECH distributes homeopathic preventative Reversing autism with homeopathy Homeopathy heals a boy with Lyme encephalitis Homeopathic remedies for worms


Healing broken bones with homeopathy

The remedy to use when the bone is first broken is different to remedies used once the fracture is set and plastered. Do you know the difference? Read more | Comment Related Posts Natural Medicine for ADHD Shameful Report: Homeopathy and Freedom of Information Sore and Sticky Eyes of Infants …

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