Remedy Drops

Q: Do homeopathic remedies contain alcohol?

A: Yes and no. Alcohol is used as a stabiliser and preservative in the manufacturing process of liquid homeopathic remedies. Sugar pills are then medicated with this liquid but the alcohol evaporates off them during the drying process so they are then alcohol free. If homeopathic remedies are supplied for …


Q: Are any homeopathic remedies made from pork?

A: Traditional homeopathic remedies don’t contain porcine (pig) components but potentised remedies prepared from healthy tissues and organs, known as sarcodes, might. Just look for the word “suis” on the label. Suis is Latin for swine, hog, pig (sow or boar) and if listed among the ingredients means that part …


Cancer patients improve with added homeopathy

95% of cancer patients reported much better health and wellbeing when homeopathy was added to their conventional treatment regime, says a study from the Oncology Department of the Medical University of Vienna. Read more


Homeopathy benefits ADHD

“Two publications, a randomised, partially blinded trial and a clinical observation study, conclude that homeopathy has positive effects in patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).”Read more


Homeopathy: What you should know

“From its very beginning, Homeopathy was a therapeutic method based on experimentation…” Ronald Boyer gives a well-written and clear introduction to homeopathy. Read more


Petition: Protect homeopathy

“In April 2015, the FDA held a public hearing to re-evaluate its views on the use and regulation of homeopathic products…” Read more, sign the petition, and share. Read more


Petition: Repeal immunity for drug companies

When the vaccine industry has immunity from prosecution, it then has no incentive to make sure vaccines are safe – and people are still injured. Please sign and share the following petition calling for change. Read more


Petition: Family under attack

In spite of opposition, the UN has just adopted a landmark family protection resolution – but the governments who supported it are now coming under attack. Please sign and share this petition to show your support. Read more

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